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August 14 - July 15
in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland

JDX - a public enemy – a performance created in 1993 about the total lack of sincerity of a certain kind of democracy. on tour in Norway.

My dinner with André - Damiaan De Schrijver and Peter Van den Eede pull up a chair at the table. a hilarious conversation about theatre and life.

Kunst - a STAN and Dood Paard adaptation of Yasmina Reza’s most famous play « Art ». about the value of friendship and art.

The Marx Sisters - a STAN and de KOE coproduction. the life story and struggle for emancipation of the Marx Sisters. about feminism, idealism and gender.

Trahisons – the French creation of Bedrog (Betrayal) from 2012. by Harold Pinter. the story of a woman who has been cheating on her husband for seven years by having an affair with his best friend.

après la répétition – a dialogue between a theatre director and a passionate young actress. written by Swedish director, writer and producer of film, stage and television Ingmar Bergman.

scènes de la vie conjugale – a story about the downfall of a marriage. told in six parts. written by Ingmar Bergman.

Mademoiselle Else – a monologue intérieur by Arthur Schnitzler. an uninterrupted stream of observations, emotions and memories of the headstrong Else.

Nora – the story of the classical play A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. an international, English coproduction.

Че́хов (Yes, Anton Pavlovich) - The seagull or The cherry orchard. The seagull and The cherry orchard. The seagull and later The cherry orchard. it will be Chekhov for sure.

performances in Dutch, French and English
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