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STAN season 1516

après la répétition

in August 2015
Festival Les Rencontres Inattendues in Tournai

At the end of August Frank Vercruyssen will be a guest of the Festival Les Rencontres Inattendues, invited by the French philosopher Bernard Stiegler because of STAN’s way of working, i.e. with the emphasis on ‘improvization without improvization’. The show Après la répétition will not be performed in its original form, but serve as a case study in an artistic and philosophical reflection on improvization.

The Marx Sisters

- official selection Theaterfestival 2015 -

in September 2015
at the Flemish and Dutch Theaterfestival
in November 2015 at the Marx' Gespenster Festival in Berlin

The Marx Sisters, a STAN and de KOE coproduction based on a script by Willem de Wolf, toured Flemish and Dutch theatres last autumn and this season will be at both the Flemish and the Dutch Theatre Festivals. In November the play will also travel to Berlin where it will be performed at the Marx’ Gespenster festival.
performance in Dutch

La Cerisaie

- premiere -

in September, October, November and December 2015
on tour in France

This autumn STAN will be travelling to France with La Cerisaie, the French version of Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. The Cherry Orchard, as intangible as life itself, has us stop and reflect on the point of the pointless, on pragmatic thinking, on the blind zest for life and on finiteness and hope.
performance in French

The Cherry Orchard

- premiere -

in October 2015 and May and June 2016
in Ireland, Lisbon and Madrid

The English-language version of The Cherry Orchard will make its debut in Ireland this autumn. The tour is planned for the spring of 2016.
performance in English


in October, November and December 2015
on tour in France

This autumn Damiaan De Schrijver (STAN), Gillis Biesheuvel (Dood Paard), Matthias de Koning (Maatschappij Discordia), Peter Van den Eede and Willem de Wolf (de KOE) will be touring their polycoproduction extensively in France. A dramatized poetry evening in five acts. A Dadaist-inspired show punctuated with situation humour, non-dialogues, poetry and onomatopoeia. A plea for illogicality.
performance in French


in October 2015 and February 2016
in Thessaloniki (Greece) and Brussels

Trahisons ('Betrayal') tells the story of a classic three-cornered relationship in which a woman has been cheating on her husband for seven years by having an affair with his best friend.  Playwright, scriptwriter and Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter wrote this play in 1978. As if with a scalpel, he exposes the pride and longings, the lies and weaknesses of his characters.
performance in French

scènes de la vie conjugale

in October 2015 and April 2016
in Madrid and Ottawa (Canada)

The story of the gradual breakup of a marriage, told in six episodes, over a twenty-year period, based on Ingmar Bergman's script Scenes from a Marriage which was originally a six-part series made for Swedish television. A portrayal of the main phases in a couple's life.
performance in French


in January 2016
at the Antwerpse Kleppers Festival

Serge, Marc and Yvan have been friends for fifteen years. Serge occasionally likes to splash out on modern art. Marc doesn’t. Yvan doesn’t feel strongly either way. Serge buys an all-white painting for 60,000 euros. Marc thinks this is absurd and makes his feelings known.  Caught in the middle, Yvan tries to patch things up but actually makes them worse. The question is: will the friendship survive?
performance in Dutch


- premiere -

in February, March and April 2016
on tour in Belgium and the Netherlands

Since of/niet in 2006, ten years ago, the four actors of STAN haven't created any performances with only the four of them. Now STAN is contemplating a new piece. No text has been chosen yet, but for the use of season's brochures and websites we provide you with this working title.
performance in Dutch

My dinner with André

in April 2016
in Sartrouville and Marseille

STAN en de KOE pick up again the successful performance My Dinner with André (1998), after the screenplay of the Louis Malle film with the same name. Damiaan De Schrijver and Peter Van den Eede eat a four-course dinner cooked live on stage every night by a different cook, while having an - at times hilarious - conversation about life and the theatre.
performance in French

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