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STAN performs

JDX - a public enemy

from 28 August till 9 September 2014
in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim


On occasion of the elections (late spring 2014) and to celebrate its 25th anniversary, tg STAN reprises JDX – a public enemy, a performance created in 1993 by the four members of STAN, that points the finger at the total lack of sincerity of a certain kind of democracy, the trickery, lies and intimidation, the deception of the people and their intolerance.
performance in Dutch (English surtitled)

My dinner with André

from 7 October till 20 December 2014
in Nîmes, Tarbes, Toulouse, Paris, Charleville-Mézières, Grenoble and Genève


STAN en de KOE pick up again the successful performance My Dinner with André (1998), after the screenplay of the Louis Malle film with the same name. Damiaan De Schrijver and Peter Van den Eede pull up a chair at the table and conduct a hilarious conversation about the theatre and life.
performance in French


- premiere -
from 16 October till 19 December 2014

on tour in Belgium and the Netherlands


Should a country spend money on art? Should your hobby be subsidized? The reduction in Dutch cultural subsidies, the wave of economies all over Europe and the increasingly cynical neoliberal discourse about the relevance of art and culture ensure that the play is still punishingly topical.
performance in Dutch

The Marx Sisters

- premiere -
from 21 October till 20 December 2014
tour in Belgium and the Netherlands


The Marx Sisters was inspired by the life story and struggle for emancipation of Laura and Eleanor Marx, Karl Marx's two daughters. In this performance STAN and de KOE want to talk about feminism, idealism and gender.
performance in Dutch


24 October in Beaune (FR)


Trahisons ('Betrayal') tells the story of a classic three-cornered relationship in which a woman has been cheating on her husband for seven years by having an affair with his best friend.  Playwright, scriptwriter and Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter wrote this play in 1978. As if with a scalpel, he exposes the pride and longings, the lies and weaknesses of his characters.
performance in French
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