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STAN performs

De Kersentuin (The Cherry Orchard)

premiere May 14 l Kunstenfestivaldesarts

from May 14 till June 13 2015

on tour in Belgium and The Netherlands

With The Cherry Orchard STAN tackles its sixth Chekhov play. Another play with a large cast in the tradition of Point Blank and Summerfolk. Drama or comedy? The Cherry Orchard is an enigma and Anton Chekhov one of those rare authors whose perspicacity can continue to help us maintain or recover our individual and collective mental health.

performance in Dutch (French surtitles in Brussels)

My dinner with André

from June 1 till June 4 2015
in Carrefour international de théâtre de Québec, Québec

STAN en de KOE pick up again the successful performance My Dinner with André (1998), after the screenplay of the Louis Malle film with the same name. Damiaan De Schrijver and Peter Van den Eede eat a four-course dinner cooked live on stage every night by a different cook, while having an - at times hilarious - conversation about life and the theatre.

performance in French


from June 15 till July 5 2015
in Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris

Trahisons ('Betrayal') tells the story of a classic three-cornered relationship in which a woman has been cheating on her husband for seven years by having an affair with his best friend.  Playwright, scriptwriter and Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter wrote this play in 1978. As if with a scalpel, he exposes the pride and longings, the lies and weaknesses of his characters.

performance in French
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