posted on 08.03.2021

STAN is ready to perform again! Behind the scenes, we worked on Dans voor actrice, and the creation of Rambuku is in full swing.
We hope to be able to play both productions for you soon.

posted on 03.03.2021

Damiaan De Schrijver, Matthias de Koning and Kayije Kagame are making a new production: «Rambuku», a text from 2006 by Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse.
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posted on 05.02.2021

Our irrepressible urge to create is temporarily channeled in a digital studio called the work/place. 
Discover what keeps us busy and inspires us: from music mixes to work in progress, from conversations with makers to new forms of artistic development.

posted on 08.01.2021

Here’s to a year of more cheer and less distance,
more bright spots and fewer absences,
to a whole host of exciting new plans and perspectives.
We look forward to performing for you once again!

posted on 07.01.2021

We are looking to recruit a BUSINESS MANAGER (M/F/X),

You will find full details here.