posted on 02.08.2022
23 July marked the world premiere of Klytaimnḗstra in Elefsina, Greece. The performance with Antonis Antonopoulos, Adriana Bakker, Jolente De Keersmaeker, Synne Enoksen, Sara Haeck, Eleni Moleski, Joshua Serafin, Maria Skoula and Stijn Van Opstal was shown in the birth place of Aeschylus for Eleusis European Capital of Culture 2023. 
posted on 06.06.2022

The Aischylia Festival in Elefsina - birthplace of the Greek playwright Aeschylus - invited tg STAN to create a performance. Jolente De Keersmaeker already had been entertaining the idea to unite three different versions of the first part of the Oresteia for a while and this provided the perfect opportunity to bring the different interpretations together.

posted on 25.05.2022

On 10 July, we’ll be performing Dances for an actress (Jolente De Keersmaeker) at ImPulsTanz, Vienna. The program of the biggest international festival for dance and performance offers a wide variety of workshops, research projects, musics and of course: performances.

posted on 06.04.2022

Orphans is about a short history between three people, based on a text by Dennis Kelly. The spectator is presented with a moral dilemma in which the line between good and evil is wafer-thin. It launches a debate about racism, discrimination and social disruption. 

posted on 07.03.2022

This week, Scarlet Tummers and Atta Nasser will start rehearsarsing for Jerusalem, a performance as a contemporary search for meaning. Two people question where they come from and in which world they grew up. What does pursuing good mean to them and what forms can it take?