Début de saison


Light-hearted and hilarious, such is Discordia's most recent collaboration with the Flemish companies STAN and De Koe, in a piece whose name is a performance in its own right: Vandeneedevandeschrijvervandekoningendiderot . The actors Matthias de Koning, Peter van den Eede and Damiaan de Schrijver (a powerful threesome) play excerpts from Paradoxe sur le comédien by the French polymath Diderot (1713-1784).

It's an – indeed paradoxical – colloquy on the typical actor, with questions such as: is the highest form of acting that which makes the actor lose himself in his character as if in a trance, does the actor have to experience fully the character's feelings and emotions, or should he be a cool observer of himself and his fellow actors?

The rich and still highly topical text is served up by the threesome as a drawn-out slapstick routine, a battle with objects (the silent laying of the table in the first scene is more than worth the while on its own), a killing field brimming with water, generously powdered wigs, endless actions and clever wordplay.


De Groene Amsterdammer, Loek Zonneveld, August 25, 2001