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At their first meeting,
nearly ten years ago,
they knew each other very well,
it was actually a recognition,
then they had to get to know each other less well,
over the years they became strangers to each other,
from now on they had to stop knowing each other, to deny, to forget,
to each go their own way.

A young woman is at home, getting ready to receive her lover, or rather ex-lover, who left her a year ago, in fact she doesn't believe in the word ex-lover, one is a lover or isn't, it's not because you say it's over that it is truly over, no, she's not a great one for decisions as he obviously is, she can never keep her feelings under control, but tonight she's determined to bear up bravely and to pretend she's well, she's feeling excited, insecure, glad, sad, she doesn't know what to wear or which music to play, it's as if with each garment and each song comes another woman, another course of events for the evening, perhaps another course of events for the rest of her life.

Lucia smelt/Lucia Melts is the first stage play by the Dutch-Brussels novelist Oscar van den Boogaard. It was commissioned by tg Stan for Sara De Roo and Steven Van Watermeulen.

tg STAN speelt "Lucia smelt"

Self-conciously quirky, tg STAN is here exploring everyday, instantly recognisable melodramas in a bright, light and utterly refreshing style, where informality invites empathy and warmth. Given its subject, Lucia Melts is curiously and really rather wonderfully life-affirming, too. Anger is vanquished and replaced by a joie de vivre that recognises its own ridiculous beauty. It’s a delightful parody of true romance, with all the self-destructive trimmings attached. If it recognises that nothing lasts forever, Lucia Melts remains a goofy, kooky but ultimately loving replay of the tenderest of traps.
Festival Performance: Lucia Melts , The Herald, Neil Cooper, 23/08/04

Even at its simplest, this would be a wise and deeply intelligent study. But what makes Lucia Melts such a powerful and exciting contribution to this year’s smash-hit Festival series of Royal Bank Lates, is the boldness with which it frees the actors from the need to waste energy creating the illusion that the audience is not there, and that they are "really" in an Antwerp flat. Instead, in a thrilling combination of informality and supreme skill, they work with and to the audience, moving openly in and out of character, in a situation so achingly familiar to us all.
Theatre group STAN, who produced Lucia Melts , is a collective of Flanders-based writers and actors whose hugely successful work - famously without a director - surely raises questions about the conventions of theatre production.
The tender Dutch touch on love , The Scotsman, Joyce McMillan, 23/08/04

text Oscar van den Boogaard
by and with Sara De Roo and Steven Van Watermeulen

set design B-architecten
lighting design Hans Meijer
English translation Kate Mayne
many thanks to Manon De Boer, Kees Vuyk and Lucia Rymenans

production tg STAN

premiere 28 June 2001, Kaaitheater, Brussels
premiere English version 27 March 2003, Mousonturm, Frankfurt (DE)