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The first play STAN ever performed by the Norwegian writer Jon Fosse was ‘wat/nu’ (what now, 2016). ‘Slaap kindje slaap’ (Sleep my baby sleep) preceded Marius von Mayenburg’s ‘Stuk Plastiek’ (A Piece of Plastic).

A couple of years later, in 2018, ‘Ik ben de wind’ (I Am The Wind, 2007)  was premièred under the title ‘Eg er vinden, Ik ben de wind’ in a  co-production between Maatschappij Discordia and tg STAN.
In the spring of 2021 we are planning a new play by Jon Fosse: ‘Rambuku’ (2006).

Why Fosse?

Because he created a language of his own, a language that seems to consist of few words, of simple words, short sentences, oft repeated sentences and words, without punctuation, where short, very short, long and very long pauses are defined in that way, a language that is rhythmical, musical, poetic and philosophical, a language between that of Thomas Bernhard and Samuel Beckett, a language that makes the absent visible, that tries to encompass grief, isolation, loneliness, fear, love, family relationships, indeed the whole of life in one great hushed and haunting simplicity.


is an ‘almost monologue’ for a woman and two men

and it will be made and performed by
Kayije Kagame 
Matthias de Koning
and Damiaan De Schrijver


Possibly a married couple.

Possibly very different from each other.

Maybe she has lots of words and he few or none.
Maybe there’s a rift on the horizon or a reconciliation.    
Maybe there’s hope.

Maybe Rambuku is
a solution,
a place,
a person,
an end.


I must be the one I was
(quite short pause)
I can’t
(breaks off, quite short pause)
I must be
(quite short pause)
The one I am
and the one I shall be
(quite short pause)
and I am beautiful
I’ve dressed up
today I’m beautiful
for today

Is a big day
a day for decisions
today is Rambuku’s day.

by and with Kayije Kagame, Damiaan De Schrijver and Matthias de Koning
text Jon Fosse
production STAN and Maatschappij Discordia
coproduction Théâtre Garonne and Théâtre La Mouche
premiere 10th of March 2021, Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse, FR