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Almere Haven
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CC Merksem
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Thu 29 July 2021 20:30 Theater aan zee


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Wed 28 July 2021 20:30 Theater aan zee


Sat 6 March 2021 Corrosia, Theater, Expo & Film


Fri 5 March 2021 CC Strombeek


Thu 4 March 2021 Theater Rotterdam


Tue 15 December 2020 20:00 CC Sint-Niklaas


Thu 5 November 2020 20:30 CC Strombeek


Sat 31 October 2020 20:30 Corrosia, Theater, Expo & Film


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Fri 16 October 2020 20:00 Theater Kikker


Tue 13 October 2020 20:30 Ins Blau


Fri 9 October 2020 20:15 ARSENAAL/LAZARUS, Mechelen


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Wed 30 September 2020 20:00 30 CC


Fri 25 September 2020 20:15 Het Nationale Theater (Den Haag)


Wed 23 September 2020 20:30 De Brakke Grond


Tue 22 September 2020 20:30 De Brakke Grond


Sat 19 September 2020 20:00 Love at First Sight
Sat 19 September 2020 15:00 Love at First Sight
Thu 17 September 2020 20:00 Love at First Sight


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A Separation is a play by Scarlet Tummers, Evgenia Brendes, Gustav Koenigs, Manizja Kouhestani and Mokhallad Rasem under the auspices of tg STAN and co-produced with d e t h e a t e r m a k e r.

The production takes as its starting point the 2011 Iranian film 'A Separation' by Asghar Farhadi. Among other awards and nominations, it won an Oscar, a Golden Bear, a César and a Golden Globe.

First image: a couple in a law court. She wants to leave, to leave the country, to be able to give her daughter a better future. He wants to stay and care for his elderly father who is ill.  
The divorce procedure is under way.
But what does the child want?

We see five actors endeavouring to perform the roles of all the characters in the film: each one is an antihero, fighting for a better future.  
A human story about guilt and innocence. A universal story with no heroes.
About real people striving for their rights and for equality.
About making mistakes. 
About forgiving.
About being a child.

About being a woman.
About being a man.

About being old and helpless.
In a system of oppression and censorship.

Where do the performers hit the brick wall of their imagination?
And where do political and religious differences come between them and what they have to perform? 

-“Your Honour, what am I to do?”  

-“You cannot seek a divorce for every little problem.”

-“Little? My problem is not little.  
My daughter’s future is at stake.”  

-“She is also his daughter.
He has rights too.
I am the judge here and I believe your problem is little.

Sign here, please, and goodbye.”


tg STAN - Scarlet Tummers

In the coming years tg STAN will invest in the work of a number of young makers and actors. In this way, the company wants to share its many years of experience as a theater collective and pass this expertise on to a new generation of theater makers. STAN offers them an artistic sounding board: during the creative process there is a continuous dialogue with the three core members of tg STAN. In addition, the necessary financial, administrative, technical and production support is also provided.  

In the 2020-2021 season, STAN invites Scarlet Tummers to make her own creation. Scarlet was previously involved in De Kersentuin, a STAN production that premiered in 2015 and is still on the repertoire. Scarlet was also a guest in productions by De Warme Winkel, Wunderbaum, KVS, Simon De Vos and Fabrice Murgia and was part of the company Le Mouton Noir until 2017. 



A Separation_Scarlet Tummers_tg STAN
A Separation_Scarlet Tummers_tg STAN
A Separation_Scarlet Tummers_tg STAN
A Separation_Scarlet Tummers_tg STAN
A Separation_Scarlet Tummers_tg STAN
A Separation_Scarlet Tummers_tg STAN
A Separation_Scarlet Tummers_tg STAN

A Separation - trailer


“Tummers and fellow actors Evgenia Brendes, Gustav Koenigs, Sachli Gholamalizad and Mokhallad Rasem regularly interrupt the film they are re-enacting with witty asides and an inspired game with reality and fiction.”
Filip Tielens, De Standaard, 21 September 2020


"With great zest and asides, prejudices are revealed between cultures and classes both within the story and the reality of the actors’ ensemble." 
Moos van den Broek, Theaterkrant, 24 September 2020 – Critic’s choice


"STAN is committed to sharing its long experience as a collective with young makers and actors, partly by actively supporting their work. And so on stage we see Scarlet Tummers, Evgenia Brendes, Gustav Koenigs, Sachli Gholamalizad and Mokhallad Rasem in a clever adaptation of the film that also bears the unmistakable STAN stamp."
Karin Veraart, de Volkskrant, 25 September 2020


"What director Tummers shows with this construction in which you recognize  STAN’s formal minimalism and reflective distance vis-à-vis the script, is how our perception is never neutral. Just as the actors project those conflicting views of ‘their’ film, so too we allow ourselves to be led by prejudices with the reconstruction of the reality behind the scenes. That is pretty much the bottom line in this intelligent play, which converts the silver screen to a blank sheet of paper in which the actors hold up a mirror to each other and to the audience. Perhaps the many parallel lines will really come into their own later in the run – what a challenge for the actors! – but as an amusing and thought-provoking exercise A Separation is more than successful."
Gilles Michiels, Etcetera, 28 September 2020


A Separation starts off as a courtroom drama, then homes in on the crux of the play, which initially revolves around the characters portrayed by Evgenia Brendes, Sachli Gholamalizad and Mokhallad Rasem. That triangle is superb. Moreover, the actors raise each other’s game so that the whole feels much more than the sum of its parts. Towards the end, the characters played by Scarlet Tummers and Gustav Koenigs really get into their stride so that what you see is a perfect synergy with all the elements reinforcing one another."
Bert Hertogs, Concert News, 20 September 2020


“However, the play is sharper and funnier than purely a reconstruction of the film. Indeed, as a spectator, you instinctively find yourself not only interested in the plot of the film, but also increasingly sucked into the conflicts between the actors. You start to believe in them, forgetting that this is a performance and that the actors are presenting a slight caricature of who they really are. Consequently you regularly fall into the trap of your own biases and prejudices. Until the actors draw your attention to them again. (…) All that makes ‘A Separation’ a challenging and at the same time witty production.”
Pieter T'Jonck, Pzazz, 19 September 2020

by and with Scarlet Tummers, Evgenia Brendes, Gustav Koenigs, Manizja Kouhestani and Mokhallad Rasem

concept and text adaptation Scarlet Tummers 
artistic advice Jolente De Keersmaeker, Damiaan De Schrijver, Frank Vercruyssen and Matthias de Koning
lighting and technique Iwan Van Vlierberghe
costumes Fauve Ryckebusch
production tg STAN
coproduction d e t h e a t e r m a k e r
premiere September 19th 2020, Love at first sight, troubleyn, Antwerp, BE