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Fri 18 September 2020
Love at First Sight
Sat 19 September 2020
Love at First Sight
Tue 22 September 2020
Wed 23 September 2020
Fri 25 September 2020
Den Haag
Wed 30 September 2020
Fri 2 October 2020
Mon 5 October 2020 14:00
Wed 7 October 2020
Fri 9 October 2020 20:15
Tue 13 October 2020
Fri 16 October 2020
Fri 23 October 2020
Sat 24 October 2020
Almere Haven
Thu 5 November 2020
Tue 15 December 2020
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A Separation is a play by Scarlet Tummers, Evgenia Brendes, Gustav Koenigs, Btissame Bourrich and Mokhallad Rasem under the auspices of tg STAN and co-produced with d e t h e a t e r m a k e r.

The production takes as its starting point the 2011 Iranian film 'A Separation' by Asghar Farhadi. Among other awards and nominations, it won an Oscar, a Golden Bear, a César and a Golden Globe.

First image: a couple in a law court. She wants to leave, to leave the country, to be able to give her daughter a better future. He wants to stay and care for his elderly father who is ill.  
The divorce procedure is under way.
But what does the child want?

We see five actors endeavouring to perform the roles of all the characters in the film: each one is an antihero, fighting for a better future.  
A human story about guilt and innocence. A universal story with no heroes.
About real people striving for their rights and for equality.
About making mistakes. 
About forgiving.
About being a child.

About being a woman.
About being a man.

About being old and helpless.
In a system of oppression and censorship.

Where do the performers hit the brick wall of their imagination?
And where do political and religious differences come between them and what they have to perform? 

-“Your Honour, what am I to do?”  

-“You cannot seek a divorce for every little problem.”

-“Little? My problem is not little.  
My daughter’s future is at stake.”  

-“She is also his daughter.
He has rights too.
I am the judge here and I believe your problem is little.

Sign here, please, and goodbye.”




by and with Scarlet Tummers, Evgenia Brendes, Gustav Koenigs, Btissame Bourrich and Mokhallad Rasem
concept and text adaptation Scarlet Tummers 
artistic advice Jolente De Keersmaeker, Damiaan De Schrijver, Frank Vercruyssen
scenography and lighting Damiaan De Schrijver and Matthias de Koning
costumes Fauve Ryckebusch
production tg STAN
coproduction d e t h e a t e r m a k e r

premiere September 18th 2020, Love at first sight, troubleyn, Antwerp, BE